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Lacey Harmer 7000 Series
Lacey Harmer 7000 Series

Lacey Harmer 7000 Series

Lacey Harmer 7000 Series
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Superior Line Quality: Custom Designed Optics

Rugged Construction: Heavy-Duty Anodized finish

Full Warranty: 3-Day Repair Turn-around

With many years of industrial laser manufacturing experience, Lacey-Harmer is proud to offer Laser Diode Line Generators.

Like all Laharco Lasers, the diode models are available with a wide range of optics and accessories designed to meet your needs.

Specifications: Laser Type:
Visible Laser Diode

Laser Composition: Semiconductor InGalP
Laser Class: ll, lla
Wavelength: 635nm
Output Power: 5mW to 40mW
Collimation: 4 element glass < 0.3 rad
Beam Angle: 5 to 90 degrees
Operating Voltage: 5 VDC Regulated
Operating Current: 100 ma
Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 40ºC (dependent upon model)
Surge & Spike Protection: 90V for 250 ms
Mechanical Shock Resistance: 300g for 1 ms
Housing Anodized 6061-T6
Environmental NEMA 2 (Optional NEMA 4)
Dimensions: 0.75"D x 4.2"L
Weight: 2 oz

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