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Lacey Harmer 9400 Series
Lacey Harmer 9400 Series

Lacey Harmer 9400 Series

Lacey Harmer 9400 Series
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The compact, durable design is ideal for applications where multiple lines are necessary.
Also WATER resistant...
Many available models: While the 9400 series linemaker is our most popular model, the spectrum of our laser diode product range is wide. Lacey-Harmer's in-house engineering department will custom design and manufacture units to suit your application and meet your specifications. Some examples would include circle and cross-hair generators.


Operating Voltage: 5 Volts DC (regulated power)

Operating Current: Less than 100mA

Operating Temperature: -20ºC to 40

Input Voltage: 115 VAC standard (12V DC, 24V DC, and 230V AC available)

Power Output: 5mW to 20mW (depending on model)

Light Source: Solid State Diode

Light Wavelength: 532-635 nanometers standard

Case Construction: Anodized aluminum, hermetically sealed

Lens Fan Angle: Between 0
º and 90º

Dimensions: 6" long x 1.25" diameter
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