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Atkinson Accessories & Speakers
Atkinson Accessories & Speakers

Atkinson Accessories & Speakers

Atkinson Accessories & Speakers
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Atkinson Dynamics offers a line of accessory products which expand the flexibility and versatility of Atkinson Dynamics intercoms.
For particularly noisy environments, the Noise-Canceling Microphone, Model ADNCM, is recommended. Designed for use with intercoms featuring the Noise Canceling Microphone Ready Option, the microphone is designed to cancel out 90% of the background noise, ensuring that a clear, crisp voice message goes out over the audio line.

How do you press the Talk/Listen Switch when your hands are full? The Atkinson Dynamics Foot Pedal, Model ADFP, solves the problem. Designed for use with intercoms featuring the Foot Pedal Ready Option, the heavy duty foot pedal features a cast-iron water- and oil-tight housing that complies with OSHA requirements for full shielding. When the operator wants to broadcast a message, he steps on the foot pedal and speaks into the intercom, which will remain in microphone mode until he lets up on the pedal.

The Headset and Belt switch Kit, Model ADHSB, is designed for use with intercoms featuring the Headset Ready Option. In work environments where frequent and continuous communication is vital or where high noise interferes with effective communication, the use of headsets provides an effective solution. The kit features a high quality, under-helmet headset with adjustable straps and noise-canceling microphone, belt switch with push-to-talk button, and a 15 ft. coil cord.

When your staff are too far away to hear an announcement or call signal, how do you get their attention? Auxiliary Strobe Lights, used with intercoms featuring the Auxiliary Signal Ready Option, will get their attention. These low profile strobe lights are available in a variety of operating voltages and with either red or amber domes. Model ADLP3S is designed for surface mounting and Model ADLP3P for pipe mounting. Pressing the Call Button of the intercom activates the strobe light.

Atkinson Dynamics offers a broad selection of speakers that can be integrated into an intercom system to provide even more customization and adaptability.
In environments where two-way communication is not required but it is necessary to broadcast messages, Atkinson Dynamics offers a line of amplified wall-mount speakers. These speakers are each equipped with a volume control and are available in the same operating voltages as the intercoms.

In remote locations where a local power source is not practical or available, but an intercom station is necessary to get the job done, Atkinson Dynamics offers a selection of unamplified speakers that can be powered by any intercom featuring the Pre-Amp Equipped Option. The speaker becomes a slave intercom, defaulting to microphone (or talk) mode for hands-free communication. The master intercom defaults to speaker (or listen) mode, monitoring the remote speaker, until the Talk/Listen Switch is depressed and the intercom converts to talk mode. The Remote Volume Control Equipped Option allows you to control the volume of the remote speaker via an additional volume control on the face of the intercom. These speakers are available in a variety of mounting configurations including flush mount - Model AD-SF-25, swivel mount - Model AD-SS-25, and wall mount - Model AD-SO-25. Model AD-SV-25 is a wall mount speaker with an integrated volume control.

All Atkinson Dynamics speakers are designed to withstand the same rough usage as the intercoms. The rugged housings are constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum and sealed to provide protection against the elements, indoors and out.

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